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Originally Posted by 35mphgolf View Post
Is the current 335d EGR system like the older european e46d systems? The valve in the EGR only opens at low speed (vacuum pressure) and closed as RPMs and pressure increase...? Which explains why it really is better to rev and drive spiritedly.

If that's the case and its vacuum operated, can we just plug it up to keep the valve closed?

DieselDiner: I'd be thoroughly interested in a coding option or EGR delete! What tool are you using for your coding? I'll be picking up my 335d in 2-3 weeks and would like to be able to code too.

The EGR system in our cars is controlled by the computer. The computer even closes off the EGR system when the car is cold, to aid in quicker transistion to operating temp. So - to effectively close off the EGR system (besides mechanically closing off the system), it would also be necessary to modify the programming to eliminate the EGR control and the codes that would be thrown.

In the UK (and Europe), there are suppliers that offer this service (EGR block and/or removal and reprogramming). I don't think we yet have the service over here, although I think there is a shop in Toronto that has the capability (he already offers DPF removal and coding, so I would think EGR would be easy by comparison).

For straightforward coding, I think a lot of people use the BT cable. It might also be possible to use less expensive cables, but I'm not very up to speed on it. There is a coding section on the board, spend some time with those guys and they will get you up to speed in a hurry!