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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
I've always thought the roof spoiler looks good, where did you get your's from dude? I know that taiwanese guys, BCMOTO does them and going off his boot spoiler, I'll happily buy off him again but good to know where u bought urs from?

Also, how is the CSL boot lid quality? Is it built to last? Pm with me details of price etc if u don't mind dude, I know u picked up from Teddy as I was reading your other post but good to know aswell pricewise and ur experience with it :-)

Loving it so far!
I just fancied one and went for the smaller lip and im happy with it to be fair, i just need the diffuser to match to blend it in. I had a bad experiance with a taiwanese sell (happybuyitnow) done me a deal and didnt send it (absolute w**ker) I used a company from honk kong called zenaracing and the quality and fit is superb.

BCMOTO do a diffuser i like so thats good to know.

I bought a aero rear bumper and the bootlid in a package of here and i paid 400 for the pair so really only like 200-300. I compared it with a forum member and the essex meet who had a csl lid too. His was from teddy at ssdd and the quality and fit looked exactly the same. for what it cost me im more than happy with it but my faults are the edges on top sit proud and due to it being fibre glass certain angles show ripples acroos the paint but acceptable.

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