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Question Well my car finally threw some codes.... HELP ME!!!

Whats going on everybody?Happy Thanksgivings btw , now off to my problems/questions. My car recently just threw the following codes: 29F5, 29F3, 2CF3, and 2C6A and I'm trying to figure out are the codes worth me getting looked at or should I just use the auto clear function in the jb4 so that i can keep the service engine light from popping on? Here's a short version of what I've had done to the car within the last month. Last month, I finally had my down pipes installed, which I knew was going to eventually throw a code once the car registered what had happened so I wasn't to worried about that. Once that happened, I erased the codes using the jb4 function which cleared everything. I was able to do a few wot runs without anything popping up, life was good, I was pushing max boost for what the jb4 allotted (16 psi map 5 with gauge hijack to measure the psi). But recently, probably a few weeks ago the service engine light came on, which turned out to be that my brake light had a malfunction. I tried to erase the code, but that was something that the tune couldn't do. Last week, I took the car to the dealership, not only for them to erase the code but also to get some scheduled maintenance that was due as well. A mistake I made while getting my car serviced, was leaving the jb4 on while they did service, which it didn't matter just the fact that Germany doesn't honor US warranties, once two years is up from the date of purchase, anything that happens to the car after that comes out of pocket So when I went to pick up the car the SA told me that they weren't able to get into the system and to clear any errors, because the ecu was changed. So I asked him if the mechanics could check after I turned everything back to stock settings. He agreed and took the car back inside the bay to check the system. After he returned, he told me that there was an error with the exhaust 02 sensors and that I would probably need to have them replaced. I told him that I was aware of what was going on and that everything was fine. After leaving the dealership, i turned the jb4 back on and drove around waiting for the service engine light to pop on once the car registered the down pipes. After the light popped on, I cleared it again and drove around finishing up some errands. After everything was done, I was getting ready to head back home and BAM!!! another service engine light popped on. I was like that should not have happened, especially, since I just erased the codes earlier. So I erased the codes again and drove around just to see if anything would happen, which it did and a few times since then. Until today, I finally waited for the service light to pop on, so that I could write down the codes. As of now I have the auto clear function turned on just so that nothing pops up while driving, but it seems now that when every I go wot, the car seems sluggish, and that I'm only pushing 14 psi max. So now I want to know, whats really going on??? The car only has about 32,XXX miles. So my questions are, do I need to replace my 02 sensors Will I still get a service engine light if I do? Also, why did I get a drop in boost from 16 to 14? I swear I've only had this car a few months, but man I've never had this many issues with a car. At first it was the starter and now this. I could only pray that I don't get a HPFP problem or Im really going to get f*&^.. BMW= Bring My Wallet
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