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Originally Posted by Sparky68 View Post
I cant bare to part with my vestax, getting on a bit now but just cant do it!
I know what you mean. My first mixer was a Gemeni PS626, WAAAAYYYYYYy back in the day (1997). Had it for a couple years then changed for a Vestax PMC170A (The one Carl Cox used at the time), had it for around 10 years.

Then last year bought a DJM 800. Nice bit of kit. Bought it for the effects and the fact it was the club standard (before the 900).

Was going to upgrade to the 900, but after looking at a few reviews, decided it wasn't enough of an upgrade. Plus the DJM effects are a little "hard". As in, you know when they are used. The A&H effects have a LOT more control over them, and are studio quality, so should be more subtle.

Plus with the DB4, the input matrix means you can have your one source playing over all 4 channels, and each channel can utilise a different effect (unlike the Pioneer only having one effect bank, to be applied to one channel). AND a separate loop facility per channel too. Lots more control.

BUT, I'm now missing my CDJ's to afford the upgrade, and the DB4 aint scratch certified, so gonna have to use a hacked copy of Traktor to use my 1210's as part of a DVS. Booooooooo.
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