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Frankly, I am a bit disappointed with Blackvue.

I've had DR400G-HD for past 4 months, and while it has a nice stealth form factor and does a good job recording in motion, there are couple of important things (for me) that it fails to do properly.

First, the parking mode recording. Recording in parking mode is not consistent. I mean, there are multiple gaps with no recordings (see the pic below). Sometimes, these gaps are quite important. At work, I park at a public parking lot with a lot in and out traffic. It is quite important for me to run the recording all the time. Yesterday, some ***hole hit my side mirror and surprisingly Balckvue had no recording of that moment! Very frustrating...

Second, it does not restart after shutting down itself due to a low battery. I hardwired the dashcam to the battery using the PowerMagic Pro. My settings are set to shut down the cam when the voltage drops below 11.8V. So it does this every once a while. However, it fails to restart the unit when the battery is fully charged again. It is quite annoying to go and manually flip the switch on the powerbox to start the unit again (tested multiple times and this is the only way to start the cam) -

Overall, it's a good dashcam, but not always works as stated.
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