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Originally Posted by voxxan View Post
Hey guys,

I'm debating whether to upgrade my pre-lci halogens (no AEs) to either LCI Halogens (w/ AEs) or to lci non-AHL xenons (w/ AEs).

In regards to a xenon conversion -- there's a ton of great info on this forum on the actual conversion. But I couldn't find what exact parts are required.

Based on reading -- here's what I think are needed:

1. OEMs xenon headlights
2. Ballast(s) -- do I need for drivers and passenger side?
3. HID bulbs if not included w/ headlight set?
4. Turn signals if not included w/ headlight set?
5. Harness -- not sure exactly which ones?

According to ECS Tuning -- following parts are also required for xenon conversion:

Light control 61316932798 (Models without Auto headlights)
Light control 61316932796 (Models with Auto headlights)
Footwell module 61359128184

Can someone please confirm if above list of parts are accurate? And any idea on average cost the conversion takes (excluding labor)?

Thanks in advance.
for my pre lci halogen to pre lci xenon with angel eyes conversion, all i needed were:
1. the oem xenon projectors for pre lci models
2. a set of HID kit - contains 2 bulbs and 2 ballasts, one each for driver and passenger
3. a professional installer since im not comfortable to do the re-wiring and installation

It costed me 500 for parts, i got a steal on the oem xenons. but grand total plus installation is around 1.3k or me