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Originally Posted by B33M3R View Post
Set up an eBay alert and keep an eye on gumtree for the next couple of weeks.
Guy I work with had his 1500 custom built Santa Cruz stolen off the roof of his car outside his house last year. It was a very recognisable bike with custom graphics with his girls names on. It turned up on eBay this week with a buy it now of 299.

Regarding the Police. My mum had her bag snatched in Tesco last year. Whole thing caught on CCTV. They sat and watched with my mum in the security office and the Police knew the bag snatcher by name. They then told my mum that they would pop round to the scum bags house at some point. A month later they brought her (empty) bag back. She asked what had happened to the shit bag that took it. The answer was a resounding fuck all.