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Well, I spoke to BMW customer service this morning, they said they would contact the dealership to discuss the situation and then get back to me. Not heard from them, so I will probably have to go through the same infuriating call with the next drone in the call centre tomorrow!!

I hinted to the dealership that it doesn't matter where the money comes from, whether it's me or BMW for the work, as long as they got some work out of it, but they didn't bite. They were happy for me to take the car back, so long as they mentioned on the invoice for my service that they had made me aware of a possible turbo defect, cheers guys!!

I think i'm at the point know, where I need to price up doing the replacement (with recon units) myself. I've also seen on the ecs website, thats its possible to buy brand new wastegates for just over $30 each. Does anyone know if this would fix the problem?

Alternatively, I guess I could just upgrade the turbo's, does anyone know how much a set of rob beck units be sent to the UK?