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Originally Posted by sammy_0559
Originally Posted by cn555ic
Damn I hope it goes some what smooth tomorrow as this is looking to be a nightmare..
I knoww tell me about it. But I got my daily fixed the other day so I'm good right now. Not in a hurry as I was when my daily took a shit.but yeah tomorrow is gonna be interesting
I was in the same position as you with my 92 325i, I was taking the headers off and one of the studs was stuck in there damn tight. It ended up taking 4 hours, used the double nut method, pb blaster, hammered it, AND heated it up, finally after all of the hassle she came free!

Don't give up man, it may seem like a lost cause right now, but with patience I am sure you can get it free, like Vargas said, rotating between heat and trying to budge it, good luck!

thanks to MGallop