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Originally Posted by Jose_JN View Post

Nice to heard that!

If you have $640 option, you already have a wire from the FZD to the trunk. But you need a wire between the FZD and the HU so you have to install a new one (maybe you can try to find it near the feet area and cut it trying to reuse it)

Check this

Anyway, you need the mic.


PS: I have paypal, donatives are welcome!
I am preparing other retrofits for the next month!
I was hoping that plug X3564 wasn't a straight run to the trunk, and that it hopefully ran behind the glovebox, then another plug ran from there to the trunk. That way i could use pins/connectors to wire the mic without have to cut and splice. Maybe I can just rig the VW mic if i have to cut to make it work...

I'll donate! Your hardwork is helping alot of people and saving them the headache of finding a MULF and making it easier to get all those options, plus the new deck with the shiny knobs haha.