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Originally Posted by fasteddie222 View Post
Wow that's amazing.
Originally Posted by ragingpanda View Post
I have never seen that before, but it really is amazing that you can control a car like that. Kudos!
Thank you. Once you get used to them its just like driving with your feet. The only drawback is I 'am limited to auto trannies. I have done auto cross and drag racing with my 07 Charger and plan on doing the same with the 335i but not as often.

Originally Posted by NoTempoLimitN54 View Post
But the question remains: What's the difference between the N54 in the 335is and a '07-'10 my 335i N54 with the PPK version 2 installed?

BMW Performance doesn't claim the overboost function for the PPK. But notice that it only adds 20 HP +17~34 Tq. but BMW claims that owners "really feel the difference" and there has been "good feedback". I have a sneaky suspicion that the overboost function in is the PPK as an unadvertised feature.

I'm going to be installing a boost gage soon, and I plan to install the PPK v.2 in the near future (I want the full cooling upgrade since 335i's tend to overheat when tracked or driven hard - see the epic thread on this forum). I should be able to easily see how much the boost is increased by getting to know the boost gage in stock form before installing the PPK.

I also like the fact that once you have the PPK v.2 installed on an N54 it is essentially the same engine as the 335is/Z435is/1SeriesM. The latter two cars have slightly more power because they have better under hood cooling (AFAIK).
I just installed the BMW PE and PPK (tune only, car's equip with option S840), and you do feel the added 20hp/32tq but there is no overboost feeling. I'm not planning on racing all the time, just an autocross or drag racing event once in awhile. If you have option S840 BMW allows the PPK to be install without the added expense of the Auxiliary Water Cooler and an Enhanced Radiator Fan so I went without v.2. Of course I have a N55 which may not run as hot as a N54 because of the single turbo vs two turbos.

As far as I can tell, the difference between them if you have a 335i with the M-Sport Pkg and PPK would be the wheels, the 370tq overboost, exhaust, DCT, and price.IMHO

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