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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
What options do you guys see as "essential"..??
Xenon headlights (my next car must have them!)
Cruise control
Climate Control
Auto wipers (although i could live without these)
Steering wheel controls for phone/stereo
ipod connectivity
power steering (LOL)

the rest i can take or leave. I think most of the above serve to make driving easier and more comfortable. Auto wipers are lovely to have, they just get on with it and i dont have to keep changing the speed all the time. Climate is nice, cos you're not always playing about with controls. I set it at 21 and leave it alone. Also phone connectivity is important, as it means i dont need to take my hands off the wheel, or eyes off the road to answer a call.

Stuff like electric seats are not important to me, i'm the only person that drives my car, i get it right once and then leave it. All the electrics are is one more thing to break, and 30kg of extra weight to lug around.

Folding mirrors, well a nice to have, my 330i had them, and in my busy road i do like to put my mirrors in, the convenience of having them do it automatically when i lock would be nice. Can't say how many times ive got in and turned the car on, to realise one mirror was still folded in! but again, this isnt essential and isnt on my current spec.