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Originally Posted by ricgear View Post
I set all 4 Koni's at 180 degrees from the softest setting as ajsalida recommended and after putting the trunk back together this morning, I took my car to run some in-town errands and then found a couple nice twisty roads to check out the new suspension. I was expecting a fairly substantial difference in before and after and I have to say this set up gave me exactly what I was looking for - a big improvement over stock, It is firm yet compliant and much flatter on the curves than when the car was new. It is quite nimble for a heavy car, though not as nimble as my wife's MINI. The harder you push it, the better it feels and it delivers precision on turn in. In a nearby neighborhood, there is a through road that has a series of 8 large speed bumps designed to slow traffic to 25 mph. Ever since the car was new, it bounced over those with a scrunching suspension noise. Now it is a very controlled rebound and completely silent, firm but not overly so.

I really wasn't as interested in the visual aspect of the lowering as I was in the handling properties that come with lowering. I didn't measure before and after but I can see that it is noticeably lower but not excessive.

It took about a day to do the install but that was with many interruptions, but I thought it was a lot harder than described in the DIY's. There is a learning curve though and now after the experience, I could do it much more quickly. But I have no desire to do this so often that I become efficient at it.

I would really recommend this combination of the Koni Sport and the Eibach Pro-kit springs. I'm even thinking of trying it on my wife's MINI, but only after time erases the PITA of this install.
Cool thanks for the review. Yeah the thing that blew me away was having a lot less suspension travel, plus firmer, but less bottoming and better overall ride. Just a measure I guess of how many compromises went into the stock suspension. Or how far BMW has gotten from placing handling first.

This susp felt better than I remember the non-xi e92 335i sport susp, which I drove several examples of before I bought an Xi. Gotta wonder how good this would be on the non Xi car.