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Originally Posted by rxtasy View Post
what would you say if i told you a couple of weeks ago I brought it to my indie mech and he said i needed a whole new fan. so I paid 800 bucks for this misdiagnosis. it appears he didnt even check for codes
I would say your mechanic should foot the cost. He is not getting paid a perfessional wage to do shotgun maintenance and this not that difficult to figure out even if you don't have access to fault isolation flow charts. Did he also try to say that probably had to be replaced anyway? He should at least do the waterpump/t-stat at cost for parts only.

If your fan is always going, I dunno how that equates to needing a new fan. It shutting down is normal depending on the coolant temp. There are things that you might have to kinda guess, but I don't think this was one of them.

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