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2009 BMW 335d Engine Problems - Finally Got my Car Back

Picked up my 335d today. Here is the final report on what they fixed.

47407 Restricted intake air ports in cylinder head. Charge battery and scan for faults: DDE 3FF1 air mass flow sensor. Performed test plan, measured voltage air air mass meter and found to be in specs. Removed lower engine plastic shields and visually inspect air lines: no problems seen. Since vehicle back multiple times, shop foreman to inspect. Scanned vehicle again and performed test plan. Performed test plan for air intake charge and temp sensor which passed. Smoke tested air intake system extensively and found no intake leaks. Per test plan checked air intake system for restrictions BU removing the air intercooler. Found about 0.5 oz oil in air intercooler. Removed intake manifold and inspected ports for blockage with borescope. Submitted PUMA case ########. Per PUMA request, take several sets of pictures and attach to case. PUMA authorization for cylinder head replacement due to intake port restriction in head. See line D for head replacement. After repairs, vehicle test driven 3 drive cycles for approx. 80 miles. No warning lights, charge battery and rescan: All good.

Line D:

Replacing cylinder head removal per PUMA case.

1 Cylinder Head
1 Set Bolt Cylinder
1 Cylinder Head Gasket
1 Gasket Set Cylinder Head
2 Bearing Bolt
6 RMFD Injector
1 Clamp
1 Gasket
1 Gasket
10 Gasket Ring
2 Clamp Hose Clamp
1 Coolant

Faulty cylinder head start removal of cylinder head per PUMA case. DW time for looking for shop tools. Removed intake, fan, belts, EGR, fuel injectors, fuel line and rail, vale cover, low pressure turbo, complete exhaust, SCR CAT converter, high pressure turbo and exhaust manifold. Removed cylinder head and inspected.. Updated PUMAs case with findings. New head came with no valves. Getting sent to machine shop for valve and seals installed. Installed new head, bolts and gaskets kits cleaned. Performed road test.

Line F:

Tech noted trouble shot low fuel pressure. Cause: ning lamp

Removing and installing or replacing pressure sensor at pressure accumulator of injection system.

HDP volume control valve replaced faulty HDP volume control valve cleared faults, reformed road test.


According to the report and to what the service guy told me, they replaced the cylinder head, injectors, all 24 valves and seals. He also said that they replaced a fuel pressure sensor.