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10445: Throttle valve, adaptation: Marginal conditions not met; battery voltage too low. The diagnostic function monitors the throttle valve to determine whether it reaches the lower mechanical travel stop (UMA) during the initial adaptation. Dirt/contamination on travel stop ? Foreign matter/object(s) ? Defective throttle valve ? A. Check wiring harness DME - throttle valve (sum of throttle valve voltages must equal 5 V) B. Inspect to determine whether any objects are present in the intake manifold or within the throttle valve's travel range. C. Completely close the throttle valve by hand and measures the voltages on the two sensors (S1: 0.5 V +/- tolerance, S2: 4.5 V +/- tolerance). Replace throttle valve

11352: LIMP mode. Boost pressure control, deactivation: Boost-pressure build-up blocked. Caused by another code present.

11825: Cannot find it, are you sure of the code value ?

11617: VANOS, exhaust: Control fault, position not reached. The diagnostic function monitors the camshaft timing adjustment. Potential problem source(s): Contaminated oil passage at VANOS solenoid valve, Oil pressure too low, Defective wires or plug terminals on VANOS solenoid valve, VANOS solenoid valve seized.

11200: Mixture adaptation, lower engine speed range: Mixture at partial load too lean. MAF or Oxygen sensor defective. Defective injector. Intake-manifold pressure sensor defective, Intake-air temperature sensor defective, Camshaft position sensor defective, Defect in high-pressure fuel system, Defect in low-pressure fuel system, Intake system leaking, Oil cap not sealing, Leak in exhaust system.