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First, use only 11-08 maps. Make sure you run them stock (not modified), at least for now.

Are those happening a long time after the Procede install or the Procede has just been installed ? Last two codes could be simply the Crankshaft position sensor that is not correctly connected. First one is quite strange, did you install a charge pipe ? Could be around that install, maybe remove it and check if the throttle is able to move freely... You car will certainly stall if that throttle valve is unable to move as the DME wants it to move... Should be easy to check.

If you cannot get the car to run properly, take the time to remove the Procede harness and then start from there... I say it again, use the 11-08 maps. I am running the equivalent (meth enabled) 11-10 maps since their release without a single issue.