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Originally Posted by BigBoosting View Post
I could be wrong, but are those not the codes that are triggered when you hit the fuel trim limits? Sounds similar to what I was getting when I had a JB4 and maxed out fuel trims with E85.
Yes, I beleive it is, because hes pinned against the limit for a defined amount of time. He needs to either reduce OL multiplier and boost, or inject more meth. Over his many threads, people have told him to get a meth kit but instead of testing the waters to see where his trims are happy via incrementally increasing boost, he put the midrange to 20psi and is wondering why hes hitting the rail pressure limits.

I think he should switch to cobb because he has nothing but problems with his procede, and doesn't really want to learn the nuances of how it works or what its doing (albiet, is a lot of information with a language barrier). It's easier for him to switch to cobb with protune, convert the HFS3 to an HFS4 via purchasing a controller, and have the cobb protuned. Set it, test it, and forget it.