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Originally Posted by enrita View Post
Very terrifying lol.
It was, I shat bricks when that happened lol.
At first when I heard the 3 exhaust bangs I was like:


Then after it shifted and started shaking like crazy I was like:

Originally Posted by MurderedBeemer View Post
Its my half engine light though, not the check engine! make any difference?
Well If engine light or half engine light goes on, must be the hpfp.
If not, must be injectors or coils or spark-plugs.
If you hook up a scanner, It would ether say that you have a defective hpfp OR it says "misfire cylinder 3" for example. If you have a misfire then you're not getting a good combustion. So you should check if your spark-plug's head is in good condition or not. If it is, your coil/injector would be the culprit.

Anyways guys, my car is fixed, turned out i had an engine misfire in cylinder 2. Replaced the coil, took it for a test drive and everything's in order again

Too much mods to list..
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