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Going from coverless sunglass holder, to ashtray with lighter...

Hey there, I did some searching but came up empty with a definitive answer.

My car has the open sunglass holder with no cover.

I purchased an ashtray with lighter assembly from a member on the board.

So when I went and took apart the console today I assumed I'd see the plug somewhere that the lighter would attach to. I know that my car didn't come equipped but I figured they would all be wired the same way since some cars did have them.

anyway... does anyone know if I'm just missing it because its wrapped away/tucked away somewhere? or do I gotta get into some splicing? there are 4 wires going to the harness attached with the assembly, does any one know what color goes to what, or where the best places would be to tap for them? I searched for a DIY, but it seems all the DIY's are going the opposite direction from what I'm attempting to do.

Thanks folks.