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Originally Posted by VTECaddict View Post
how is your rubbing? i have the same wheels on E90 and it's rubbing like mad. especially in the front.
Oh interesting, I rarely ever rub up front at my current set up, rears i rub a lot, especially the passenger side. I've had issues with rubbing on that passenger rear for the longest time now, i think the gas cap/tank area makes it more difficult to roll the fenders? idk i still to figure it out but its not terrible, just rubber peels and occasionally burn smell...

So i am thinking to maybe lower the fronts some more haha.

Originally Posted by DanTheMan23 View Post
Sooo clean! Nice ride..
Thanks man!

Originally Posted by Doccao View Post
Very informative thread! I have the same dilemma, but after reading this thread I now know which wheel, tires, camber I want moving forward.

Thanks for saving me from making a costly mistake.
Glad i could help out lol. I know when I was debating set ups that it was kinda hard to research and really the only person i saw with full specs is TEE's amazing car...his car immediately showed me how aggressive these cars can go.

Originally Posted by jbimmer3 View Post
I feel like your car is my e92 cousin. lol. Looks great. I still love these wheels. I also have the same csl wheels same sizes that I use for winter, as your old setup.
no way! haha, that is awesome, i am trying to just sell the other set of wheels though, i don't really do summer/winter set up, just the same always haha.

Originally Posted by Enza View Post
what pimpster!
lawl thank you!! Haven't heard that one before lol.

Originally Posted by ///mostarac View Post
with such an amazingly aggressive wheel setup, I feel like the front end needs to be a bit more aggressive to match it. Looks great nonetheless!
You know, i've been thinking about that (sigh $$$$$) but i've always loved this front set up...and i just got mtech rears so won't have any cash for a new front end (mtech probably if i do).

Thanks for the kind words!


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