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Dakota Schwartz leather vs Sensatic Leatherette Armrest?

Hey folks. Dont know if anyone has any experience with this but I figured I'd post the question to get some opinions.

my e90 lci came with Black Dakota Schwartz Leather interior... I'm really liking the idea of the split armrest cover due primarily to the fact that the driver's side slides forward.

But, I'm being cheap... beacuse I'd rather reserve mod money for other items of interest.

So the question is, since the Sensatic Leatherette arm rests are significantly cheaper than the Dakota leather ones, will I notice much of a difference?

I mean I know that one may feel nicer than the other, but especially on color, will there big a noticeable difference between the leather seats which sit right next to the armrests?

Just trying to get opinions.

I feel the overwhelming majority will tell me not to be cheap and just get the matching leather or nothing at all. And I tend to agree, but just wondering if I'll be surprised with folks with experience with the two saying I'd never be able to tell the difference other than in slightly less soft feel...