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I'm new here too bud but there is A LOT out there if you search.

I'd start here:

Couple points I've noticed from my reading over the last few days since picking up my car...

$120 is a fairly small budget for a quality plug and play solution...

You may succeed in finding something that will be white, but you'll barely notice them in the day light...

To get something bright enough to see during the day you will need to up your budget.

Ultimately however, I've learned that you shouldn't expect the same crazy bright rings that you see on the Post LCI Coupes...

To do that will require setups from (I think Umnitza is the name) - that basically require replacing the rings altogether. These have draw backs of their own too. And since you dont even want to drill, I dont think this is the best option for you.

Ultimately if you dont wanna search and want a quick answer I think you should up the budget and pick up the Lux H8 as I am. Seems to be very highly rated, totally plug and play, and produces awesome results. (within reasonable expectations)

If you want what seems to be the best solution for the best result, I'm saving you some search time. This is the conclusion I came to. YMMV w/your own searches.

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