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Originally Posted by wchilds310
I was wondering if anyone has experience with run flats and the dealer provided warranty. When the associate sold me the policy for rims/tires, he stated that it would be in my best interest to "accidently" run over nails before my warranty expired to get a free set of tires. He said that this should be done in two separate trips rather than popping all four at once and filing a claim. He said that this method is foolproof and I have nothing to worry about. I wasn't going to get the policy until he told me that everyone uses this to get new tires at a cheaper rate.

Has anyone tried this/is it really as easy as he made it sound? I know this is pretty of shady but the sales associate was adamant that I do this and take advantage of the policy I paid for. He said that he himself and the other associates have done this with their vehicles on numerous occasions to get new tires.

I was dropping my car off at BMW to be serviced and over heard the person next to me using the warrenty on there tires because of a nail so I could believe that it would work how could they prove you we not telling the truth?