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Do I have this right? 500x1 channel @ 4ohm....

So I'm considering the JL Audio HD900/5 Amp.

The 4 channels 100x4 RMS @ 4ohms works well for the front/rear components I've chosen.

I'd like to do (2) SWS-8Xi - Earthquake subs under the seats.

The 2ohm models, supposedly are 300max, 150rms

The amp supposedly puts out 500x1 on its subwoofer channel at 4ohms. Since two subs are going to this channel, I think from what I understand thats why I need two 2ohm subs, and not two of the 4ohm version of these subs.

But the subs supposedly need 150rms, 300max...

So If i'm understanding this right, the amp would be putting out essentially 250watts per sub, since its 500/1 RMS.

Is this right? or can I not just half the watts on the sub channel?

If I am correct, is 250 rms too much power (not good for em') for these two subs?