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Originally Posted by elester12
I've about had it with my car and want to get rid of it. However, I am having trouble letting it go. It's probably because in my mind I know I paid over 50K for the car and feel if I sell it for the 28K its worth right now I'd be annoyed for a few years. I just came back home from a two hour visit to a local Audi dealership to test drive some cars. I was very close to signing the paperwork on a new S4 but ended up walking away. I realized I'm just concerned and should not do anything. I like to keep my cars for 150-200K miles before moving onto another. Will my 335D make it? Probably not.

The 335d's problem: My 2010 335d with 43K is in the shop having its head replaced for the third time. The only reason I took it in was for the check engine light coming back on over and over. Yes, I've had all the recalls done except this new one I keep reading about regarding the torque? The service advisor said there are no open recalls on my VIN. I drive this car 35 miles a day with a good mix of highway and city. I fill up at Shell which offers a higher cetane (I can't remember if it's 45 or 48). I drive hard on occasions and normal during traffic.

After having the EGR update done to my car I assumed this problem would be resolved.

Sorry for the venting but I'm annoyed with BMW and this car. I'm also thinking about selling the X5D i purchased for my parents just because it has the same engine. The days of diesels running past gas engines is long gone with all these new emissions and low cetane. I'm starting to think my 2010 328I will outlast my 335d.

My question to everyone on this forum: After having your EGR update done have you had your head replaced due to carbon buildup? How many of you are worried about this issue after the warranty period? I have an extended warranty but what about after that? I'm angry about purchasing a car that is somewhat has a short life.

Oh, and after talking to my tech he suggested I change my oil more often. How the heck would that help with carbon buildup?

On a side note. I wish bentley would make a service manual for our engine! When you look up information on the 335I or any older e46's you have people posting "How to's" left and right. On our cars its mostly "crap, its getting a new head"
Do you drive it hard every day ?
If Not ! Do it!
It Will solve all ur problem!
Nothing else to say!