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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
I personally do not recommend running the under seats as a single channel.

However, you could wire the 4 ohm version in series which would result in 250w output. Much safer.

I think an XD600/6 would be a much better fit for your plan. In which case, yes get the two ohms.
For the front stage, I planned on using the:

Dotech Ovation Comp 4 - Morel 4"
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm
Power Handling: 100W

So I'm afraid that only obtaining 75w/channel on the 600/6 wont be enough.

The 900/5 does 100w/4 RMS @ 4 ohms, so I figured this would be fine...

Its simply that last 500x1 that I'm not sure will work right for these two subs.

You said that you do not recommend running the two subs under one channel. Why not? I'm not questioning your reasoning... I'm just trying to understand/educate myself.

The diagram below is what I was considering doing... 4ohm output from the amp... to two 2ohm subs...

The question ultimately is, if the amp is producing 500 watts mono at 4ohms... how much power is going technically to the subs? 500 each? that doesn't make sense since the thing only puts out 500...

My guess is 250 each... is that correct? is that what you were suggesting? (I'm not sure if series is what this diagram represents) - either way is it too much power to these subs to be safe for the longevity of the two SWS-8Xi's? Which again are: Power Handling:
Peak: 300 watts
RMS: 150 watts

On second look at what you were saying, I think you were suggesting that I get two 4ohm subs, and wire them a manner which pulls a 2ohm load from the amp. Like the diagram below, which would then do 250watts each. Still too much power going to them though???

And then that also raises the question of whether or not the amp has to be somehow 'switched' to put out a 2ohm load to this channel... does there need to be some sort of physical switch on the amp to 'flip on' a 2ohm instead of 4ohm load? Or does simply wiring em' up the way this diagram shows, automatically somehow pull 2ohm from it?

IF there does need to be some sort of a way to switch on a 2ohm load only from this channel, does anyone know if its possible to get 4ohms from the other 4 channels, and 2ohms only from this channel? Is there a way to set it up to do so? If there is a switch so to speak, does the switch control all channels or is there likely a switch PER channel?