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Auto Finesse: Tripple Review

So last time I stocked up on supplies I was at MartinD's house and I was talking about my faded wiper arms. He handed me a bottle of Tripple with a small amount left in it and said it would fix it with no problem. So I've been really putting off detailing my own car, but I figured while I had the time over Thanksgiving I'd clean up the car for my dad. Anyways, I saw Detailers Domain do a review on the product here: and I was skeptical because it's hard to believe the things you see on the internet. Well, believe it. This stuff is the shit! I know it won't fix every imperfection and swirl and I'm sure it has fillers, but a wash, clay, polish, glaze and wax only took me a matter of a few hours because the last three steps were all done at once. I can't believe how fast I was able to do the whole car. I used a PC with an Uber blue pad at speed 4 and it doesn't require a lot of work time and it wipes right off after it cures. For regular maintenance and for use on vehicles where a perfect appearance is not an option, I HIGHLY recommend this stuff. I cannot stress how impressed I am with the product. This is what I'll be using primarily unless it is a full paint correction from now on. Here are a few quick pictures to show you what I mean.

These following shots as well as the 50/50 are done on the hood.

And two final shots

Contact MartinD/AutoFinesse (Who is the primary US distributer for Auto Finesse) and get your hands on some of this stuff! You won't regret it. I am also in no way affiliated with him or AF, just a very happy customer.
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