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Originally Posted by zanelefko View Post
Fires occur from cracked necks, dripping meth onto the under tray
Well, that's the assumption most have concluded to, but you also have to take into consideration the vent on the top of the tank. Methanol boils at 64.7 C, 338 K, 148 F. It also has a flash point of 11 - 12 C and auto ignites at 385 C, 725 F. If the WW cap is secure, the evaporation within the tank will cause pressure. As the meth splashes around in the tank it can blow meth out the top of the tank. If that methanol runs out onto the sub pan and runs back onto the hot exhaust, you have an instant fire. Those who have had fires like myself will tell you the fire normally flares up the side of the engine and is pulled under the valve cover. The foam is flammable and will cause a lot of smoke as it burns up the ignition wires and coil packs. Another point of failure people have noted in the past were the O-Rings on the filler neck and pumps. Regardless of what people say or think, putting 50/50 or higher methanol content in the WW tank especially in the summer is not safe.