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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
I believe forum member mob17 has run this with good results
ran those speakers I'm asking about? or the subs I'm talking about?

edit: after searching his name and reading a few of his posts. I see you're referring to the Morel's. Thats good news. I'm glad it works well for everything I've planned. I think you've convinced me to just go the 600/6 route... I have hifi with no center channel and I have no intention of adding one at this time, I do not have the JBL MS8 and have no interest in it (as mob17 does) -

So I think the plan now is to do the 600/6... especially since it fits right where the factory amp is that I'm removing (making obsolete)

Everything should run just fine RMS 75 x6 @ 4ohms the way you have suggested. I wanted volume, but reading a few of his posts, consensus seems to be that the 600/6 will provide more than enough power to make it plenty loud (without distortion) -- so if I haven't said it above, thanks for the advice, its really appreciated!

Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
You need to present an 8 ohm load to get 250w. Thats why u need 2 x 4 ohm drivers
Doesn't matter anymore since I'm just going to go with the 600/6 xd amp... but curious for my future knowledge.... If you need 8 ohm out of the amp to get 250watts from 2 4ohm drivers, couldn't u also do 4ohms from the amp to get 250watts from (2) 2ohm drivers as well?

Or is my theory on the impedance math wrong?

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