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Originally Posted by 335dM View Post
Do you drive it hard every day ?
If Not ! Do it!
It Will solve all ur problem!
Nothing else to say!
When was the last time you scoped your intake or removed your head to inspect your engine? Just because your SES light has not ocme on yet does not mean you do not have carbon build-up accumulating on your cylinder walls or intake track.

While I do not disagree with your statement in the sense these engines (like most diesel engines) like to pushed it is a stretch to suggest this somehow a cure. Similar to your personal experience there are plenty of owners out there that do not drive their cars hard and have yet to experience this problem.

IMO the jury is still out regarding the cause and while I feel it is somehow EGR related I cannot say with certainty, but what I do not know is, this is not a problem in Europe and their cars utilize a different EGR.

OP sorry to hear, I would try to work out a "buy-back" with BMW. I see you're in the DC area, what dealer is doing your work?