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Originally Posted by Stevese90 View Post
I was contemplating buying the 320 petrol I'm glad I didn't as your not the only one with the same kind of issues I mate has a 10 registered 320i and his has been in to dealers quite a few times.
I just wish I found this forum before I got the car, never would have got a 320i. I would never recommend one to anyone.

Originally Posted by The_Bear_Yid View Post
Change it in mate.
Think I am going to have to. Going to end up losing a few grand but I need something that won't let me down. Not the best time to sell either.

Originally Posted by Cyprio View Post
You don't need that grief my friend. Definitely time to consider changing if possible.

I do believe you originally were looking to purchase an e91, well, now is a fitting time to search for one and put the problematic 320i behind you.

You know you want to.
Your right, I did / do want an e91. And I know the 320d is a for superior engine with fewer faults, but this experience has really put me off the e9x series.

Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
The 2.0 petrol does seem to be a crap engine, hope you find a suitable replacement.
Your right there. It's Sh1t!!! Lol