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Originally Posted by Killerx View Post
So a buddy of mine just purchased a nice 328i coupe and decides to do the oil change himself. He he comes by and asked is he can use my oil adapter for the filter, I give it to him and hes off.

2 days later he brings me back my stuff and I asked how he did and he goes on how hes so surprised at the quality and yada yada. Then I asked him what oil he used and he told me what BMW recommended, Castrol syntec 5W-30.....and im like wait a sec was it in 1 l jugs (thinking it was GC) hes like no, it was on sale at Wal mart

So I told him that it had to say LL-01 on the back, he said he didnt even check he just say the BMW oil cap and went to go find the full suntetic castrol...(I dont even know why BMW does that)

My question is, is he says he wants to keep this for a long time, should he drain it and put the right oil? or change it at 5000kms and call it a day? I know my old corvette needed higher something and I had to get a additive for it, could he do something like that in the meantime?

I also told him to join this damn forum and start reading up...and dont you worry when he joins ill make it clear the mistake he did

its funny, i was at the dealership yesterday and spoke to my service manager about doing my own oil changes. he said as long as you use the oem oil filter it doesnt matter what oil you use as long as its full synthetic.