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Does PDX 1.1000 accept differential balanced input?

Hi guys
I have searched it on this forum and on google but could not find the answer.

Looking at sticky section of Audio section, it suggests that PDX amplifiers can accepts differential balanced input, but there is a question mark next to it.

My current setup is

HU (coded to hi-fi) ---> straight to XD 600/6 which powers front, rear mids and under seats. No LOC and quality of sound is awsome.

I have added 1000W subs and added PDX 1.1000 to my setup. I have used Y splitters and shared the signals b/w XD 600/6 and PDX 1.1000 (front speakers input).

Bass on the sub is rubbish and becomes distorted easily. I have tried sealed, ported and infinite baffle system and tried 10W7, Alpine XD sub and pioneer sub. It is only sub system where bass is not clean. (XD 600/6 and drivers running on it are brillinat) I have also used Audison SRx 1D and results are same.

If I try same sub / amp in my wife's car, results are amazing. Bass is cleans and loud. So I take it that Alpine PDX 1.1000 cannot accept differential balanced input?

I wonder if somebody can suggest / share your experience, especially specialists like Technics, taibanl & Kaigoss.

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