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Question 300zx TURBO vs 335i TURBO?

READY SET GO! no wait...i was suppose to get my 335i recently until i realized there was an obstacle in the way that is not worth mentioning...anyways...i was definitely determined in my car purchase being a 335i, mainly because i think it was time to get into an FI coming from an HR 350Z. Now about this vs thread, I dont wanna hear no fan boys saying corny shit like "its a nissan" blah blah lol...i want a real answer n not some troll as shit..i understand the 300zx TT is an older car and has no warranty, which to some might be an issue....i dont really care about that...i understand the 335i has lots of hp potential, just like the Z i guess...i was hoping not to get biased answers even in a bimmer forum. My plan now was to wait for the spring to get into a 335i while saving up for a bigger down payment...i guess im just confused now that another FI car sparked my interest...i know BMW has a hint of luxury to their cars and i guess the is a little more mature, while the Z would be more of a sports oriented and that boy racer look, to me at least...i just dont know and i was hoping someone would help me get my mind made up...if im not mistaken both cars can safely get 400whp sort of easy...i believe its easier for the 335i...i searched on google and didnt find much regarding 335i vs 300zx even though i know they are not really in the same league so no need to point that out either...they are both FI cars and i just wanted to see some talk about them...they are both nice cars....

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