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Originally Posted by starbai View Post
Taibanl has also been posting in a thread in which I was posting a lot of questions.

One question I had was a concern that the XD600/6 wouldn't put out enough power for the Morel Dotech Ovation 4ís because the speakers call for 100RMS at 4ohms, and the Amp could only produce 75rms at 4ohms... I plan on using the same speakers as you, (minus the center channel)

He is also suggesting that the SWS-8Xi - Earthquake subs that I'd like to use (one under each seat) would be sufficiently driven off of 75watts rms as well though they call for 150 watts RMS @ 4ohms

He definitely seems knowledgable based on a lot of posts of his that I have searched for and read, so I'm not questioning his judgement...

I'm curious though from your personal experience, did the speakers sound powerful? I like loud music, and thats one of my biggest gripes about my car's HiFi System. I'm not an audiophile and I dont need perfection, but I'd like to be able to crank it up without much (if any) distortion... did they adequately power the speakers in your opinion?

Also, the sub drivers you were using were similiar in spec to the SWS-8Xi - Earthquake subs that I want to use. Can I just have your opinion on the amp's power to adequately drive the speakers/subs you were running?
For the Morels the XD had more than enough power for loud undistorted music. When I first installed this and listened at high volumes i used to get headaches at night. But this is just my experience with my ears, the amount you want to hear may be different. From what you are saying you may be happier getting a 4 x 150W amp. The Morels will be fine with 150w.

For the Jehnerts i did have to have a slightly higher gain than the Morels to balance the sound better. I haven't heard the Jehnerts with other amps (will be fitting a Litebox soon) but they sounded really good with the XD. The Earthquakes are different speakers to the Jehnerts, the play lower so its a good idea to give them more power. However i would advise you to look at other options for your underseats if you haven't already.