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Originally Posted by JcLusso View Post
I was running the maps with no issues for a long time. This is recent and I also think there is a weird like sort of ticking / rattling under like 1200rpm. If i raise the RPM it just disappears over like 1200. Its like a "ch ch ch ch ch". It speeds up as you rev but then after 1200 it just is gone.
The noise is probably normal, there must be 1000 thread about this and its most likely just the DI piezo injector noise. Open the hood and remove the motor plastic cover you will hear it a lot more.

Could be something else but this would be 100% mechanical and you might want to get your car checked by a mechanic...

If you are having new issues, then its unlikely its related with the physical Procede install (cables and plugs)... Is the Chargepipe install recent ? Because the first code is related to the throttle movement and the Procede doesnt have control of it, so you might want to have a look, see the code's description in my first post above.