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Originally Posted by SaMaster14 View Post
I personally agree with some of your points, but again, this is my dads car. He will never push it near its potential and really just wanted a nice GT type car where he can put the top down. He also personally will never buy used and he also prefers the styling and interior appointments of Mercedes over BMW and Audi. If it were me ... M6 all day.

But for the market it is aiming at, I think the SL does a perfect job. And he did have the outgoing model, and we both personally like this new one quite a bit better.
Totally agree, for the market they are aiming at this car does its job. I do like the paint job though, makes the car look nicer than the typical white / silver ones you see on the road.

Next up, you've got to chip out that 335is if you haven't already. That thing is a beast when tuned.