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Front Bumper Suggestions

Let me start off with djlkfjdslkafjdlksjfdsl.

I was happy chillin with my friends until I reverse out of my parking spot only to hear my aero lip / front bumper just nearly rip out of it's place because I rode over those parking blocks.

The undercarriage cover was pretty messed up because it seems that some of the holes that held down my oem lip (non-aero part) have ripped.

I'm not in the market to buy a new bumper just yet (because of financial reasons), but I will be saving up for a new bumper hopefully soon. But the search starts now!

So first, I am no expert when it comes to fixing cars and what not but I'm guessing it shouldn't be too difficult to cut costs by installing a new bumper myself, but how much would it cost for me to get new bumper and have it installed. I'm posting here directly partially because this is regional and i'm sure you guys know some pretty cool places that can give me a good deal, quality work.

I have searched and already am looking to get an M-tech rep bumper but if you guys have any suggestions lmk!

Looking for:

Cost of repairs for front bumper replacement
suggestions for new bumpers! XD

2008 328i coupe Space Grey pre-lci.