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Originally Posted by 335xi Kevo View Post
Many have run the ww kit and have not had issues, we diagnosed nearly 90% of the fires as the cap blowing open. I'm not trying to defend the set-up and dont recommend it, but still run it.

Meth can be had in 5 gallon containers for around $55 from a local supplier. Distilled water is around .99-1.99 per gallon. I buy the 100% pure meth and mix it down, I also dye my mix with food die to help aid in leak detection. Its cheaper to go this route.
I'm sure 90% assumed that was the case, but no one has show that to be 100% accurate. I know my cap was secure and I had a lot of meth on the sub pan after we got the car back to HPF in Portland. We put it on the rack trying to figure out what happened. My filler neck is not damaged and my seals are also in good shape. I also don't have an issue with washer fluid leaking like some people have noticed in the past. Overboost burned out his wiring and thought that it was a coil pack because his WW indicator showed low. Until he pulled the car down to fix it did he notice that some of the rubber boots on the suspension were burned also.

The point I want to make is if you run WW Meth and you haven't had a fire, it's only a matter of time. The WW tank was not designed for high % Methanol and even 50/50 in warm conditions is not safe. Do yourself a favor and buy a trunk mount tank and lines. Regardless of how much you think it won't happen to you, when it does you'll wish you would have taken the time to prevent it in the first place.

I get my Methanol from Tarr LLC out of Portland. A lot of cities have chemical companies who carry Methanol or can order it. If you go to a primary provider like a chemical company, you can buy the 5 gal Methanol cans for 30 to 40 US dollars. Last can I bought was $28.50. So it pays to shop around. Good luck.