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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
Youre on the right track. Although not sure if your rear deck has holes for components. If not just throw a coax in there. Dls424 probably would work well w your morels. Also consider rainbow sl100 or infinity 42.9i

Ask technic about spacers. He may be able to score you some.

Also technic will sell you connectors with purchase of a harness
+1. DLS 424 coax would do the job. However I have fitted components in the rear speaker shelf of E90. See the photos for further details how to fit tweeters and xovers without destroying anything.

When it comes to XD 600/6, it would be more than enough for your mids and SWS-8s.

I am running 4X100W German mids (front and rears) and 2 SWS-8 powered by XD 600/6 and JL amp is more than enough. Though I have 4 ohm SWS-8s.

I guess going for SWS-8i is a wiser decision.