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Originally Posted by starbai View Post
excellent, I was actually seriously considering just doing coaxes on the rear shelf to save a bit of dough.

I still can't figure out if I have tweeters back there or not.. Cannot see it from the trunk and no easy way it seems to remove the rear grille.

as I understand it, up to 2009 'some' had 10 speaker hifi and some had 8, but I haven't been able to search and find the right answer on which ones have 8 or 10 without literally opening them up and seeing with your own eyes whats in there.

I have PM'ed technic... hope to hear from him soon...

makkan00, if 75 @ 4ohm does that, i'm sure I'll be happy with 100 @2 for now.

Thanks again guys!

Use any credit card to remove the rear speaker grill. It cannot be easier than that. 2 seconds job.

And I am sure you will be more than happy to have 100W@2ohm.