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Originally Posted by - Paul - View Post

He was trying to get me to post them back at my expense which is against the sale of goods act anyway, then he wanted to send me some "upgraded" lights.
Interestingly, eBay do not support the cost of returing goods being borne by the seller. Paypal, as part of eBay, will never make a refund to cover the cost of the return of [faulty] goods to the seller; it has always been the buyer's responsibility. They normally also only refund when the seller has confirmed the return (or you can prove return) of the goods - so well done you!

As you correctly point out, it is not a requirement to return faulty goods under the Sale of Goods Act, "Unless otherwise agreed". They could argue their T&Cs (may) provide for this treatment and you agree to that when you make the purchase...

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