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Originally Posted by Jklad View Post
I just had my wastegates replaced at 81,300 miles by the dealer under this bulletin. called up the SA and he was aware of the bulletin, asked me to bring it in and they'd take a look at no cost; I was very clear and specific about when and how to recreate the rattling sounds - typed it all out and left the note with the SA. While they did not replace my turbos, since they were "functioning properly," I now have new wastegates and NO MORE RATTLES!! I couldn't beleive how quite the car was when i got it back. I have a manual which may make the rattles more frequent, especially during initial start up - I used to have to wait to pull away from any parking spots because of the embarrassing tin can rattling sounds. Be very clear about how to reproduce the rattles, and know that most dealerships need the business. Just bring you car in as stock as possible (I uninstalled cobb, but left the DCI; I let the SA know and he said it's fine as this doesn't affect the WG's.)
good to know!