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Originally Posted by jjashaa
Originally Posted by vanondemand View Post
So the turn singnal isnt working? how many LEDS in the AE's? PM me
I've read that if you use the OEM USDM turn signal base/socket, it works fine.

Not sure how many LEDs are in the angel eyes.. Is there a way to find out?

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pm me pics mounted on the car and headlights turned on. thanks
I don't have a E90 to mount it too.

but there are other various pictures of other peoples P90 headlights on their car with the lights turned on and so forth.

The best I can do for you is only lighting it up off the car..
They should have 4 LEDs per ring. But these headlights can easily be opened to install a set of Orion v2 or v4 led rings.

Also the turn signal is all wired up but the USA OEM sockets will not fit in these headlights. The buyer or seller can purchase Euro turn signal sockets for Around 20 dollars or less at your dealership.

I have the same headlights. And it works great.