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Are LCI Halogen AE's the same as LCI XENON AE's?

The above question.

I have a 2006 320i which is fully HALOGEN. no angel eye, no xenon nothing. Just a standard Halogen Bulb so pls understand where im coming from

I have an offer to purchase a set of LCI Halogen Headlights for abouttttt 300 odd. Should be pretty decent condition and they will come with the Angel Eyes, but remain Halogen. (which is fine by me, within my budget I think its a better option than going for the DEPO)

Just wanted to ask if anyone knew if the LCI Halogen Angel Eyes are the same brightness as the Xenon Angel eyes? I've seen mixed comment all over the web and just wanted to see if anyone here knew for sure

Will the LCI Halogen Angel Eyes be visible in daylight like the XENON angel eyes are?

I plan to install a bulb (LUX or something else?) that would be able to change the color from the stock yellow to a bright white LED etc.?

If someone knows it would be a great help