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Originally Posted by rollinstone157
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So Today I Started having the headlight problem (flickering -> shut off). So I started thinking what could be the cause of it :

When I was driving to my GFs place (30minutes ago) I kept my fog lights on and kept my headlights off. I had my iPhone charger running all along and when I unplugged it and turn my headlights on while I was driving it stopped flickering? And was actually staying on!?!?! I'm just thinking are there any connection to the centre console charger and headlights!?
I'm a little confused about the situation.

Do you have an aftermarket HID kit in your halogen reflector headlights? Or an aftermarket HID kit in some aftermarket "projector" headlights, like the DEPO's?

If you have an HID kit in your halogen headlights:
1. take them out, because you're blinding everyone else on the road and actually decreasing your nighttime vision by having so much light in the foreground (bright light on the ground/in air in front of you-->pupils close up to reduce perceived brightness-->reduced long-distance vision). That or get a real bixenon projector retrofitted into your halogen headlights.
2. It sounds likely that you have not coded out errors on your car, which would explain the intermittent performance.

If you have the OEM bixenon headlights:
1. Check all your connections for lose connectors/corrosion/etc.
It's OEM I just got the car last month from a guy and I'm pretty sure they're OEM.