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Originally Posted by Surfatwork View Post
It sounds like the business, but the 16GB non-expandable storage is a real deal-breaker for me

The only thing that could possibly take up 16GB on a phone is music, surely? With Google Music now available in the UK, I now have my entire library of about 4000 tracks uploaded to their servers, and available to instantly stream on my phone. Not a single mp3 on my phone any more.

All my photos are on Photobucket.

The very few documents I want access to on my phone I have stored on Google Drive, so again available to access whenever I need.

The only thing that will take up memory now is downloaded apps, and they're only a few MB each. I genuinely don't see why anyone would need more than the 8GB of storage on the cheaper phone.

Yes, I will be buying a Nexus 4 as soon as they're back in stock. And a Nexus 10 tablet is on my Christmas list.
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