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Originally Posted by Billyray911 View Post
I bought some csl reps from Mark and although I was very happy with the service and turnaround in getting them,the wheels that I ordered,which were chrome faced,diamond cut have corroded very badly over the space of a short few months.
Before they were put onto the car,I coated them in Autoglym wheel protection and have since used Poorboys,with no slow down in the corrosion.
They will be refurbished as soon as I replace the rear tyres or put my winters on.
As a dealer,I would highly recommend BM Autosport.However,I would be wary of the longevity of some of the finishes...
In fairness,oem wheels have their own issues with them cracking-I found my rear MV3's both had hairline cracks,so get what you like.Buying reps has no stigma attached and might mean that you can get some decent rubber in the deal.
+1. I visited BM Auto's with the intention of buying a set of csl reps, but was disappointed with the quality. I eventually bought a set from Chris over on m3cutters forum.

Now the great thing with Chris being a member of m3cutters is that he will always mention the quality of the various different alloys he receives from his suppliers and this is also reflected in the price, so you know exactly what you are getting.

I can't recommend Chris enough, and believe me I'm hard to please.
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