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Unhappy Need help: FBO, RB turbos, Procede Rev2.5 and timing drops even with low boost

Hi, guys,

since Shiv is probably busy (as usually) and doesn't respond my e-mails, maybe you can help me?

The thing is I get timing drops even with very low boost. Mods/conditions:
  • FBO;
  • RB turbos;
  • Procede Rev2.5 (9-10 aggressive FBO aftermarket turbos maps);
  • High quality fuel - 98 RON (93-94 AKI).
  • 0 degrees Celcius (32 degrees Fahrenheit)

The topic about the problem started in this thread when I posted some data logs.
I was suggested to lower the boost and see if the problem goes away:
Originally Posted by enrita View Post
the new maps are not like before , 40% does not mean 14 psi. Set 30% boost and 16 max boost , IC 100% and see how the car goes.

So, here are the datalogs (3-4 gear WOTs):

Default settings, lowered start boost to 30% (13PSI), max overboost 16PSI:

Same settings, second run:

Same settings, third run:

Lowered start boost to 10% (11PSI):

Raised start boost to 40% (14PSI):

Same settings as above, second run:

Same settings, third run:

Start boost 45% (14.5PSI):

Same settings as above, second run:

WTF? I get timing drops in 4th gear always, irrespective of the boost level. And I usually get timing drops in 3rd gear, even though the boost is low for my mods, fuel and weather conditions.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance!
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